Why robot mowers?

We have electric cars and robotic hoovers, now the latest in cutting-edge technology brings you robotic lawn mowers. (Pun very much intended).

You want a beautiful lawn, but you don’t want to spend hours and hours of your week and all your money keeping it that way. You want something that can take care of the everyday, repetitive tasks in the garden, and leave you with time to spend on the fun stuff. If you’re a business, you need a system that creates impeccable results, and makes your job easier.

Thankfully, leaders in the field of robotics have created lawn mowers that do just that. They’ve enjoyed immense popularity in mainland Europe and across the world, and now it’s time for Great British lawns to enjoy them too.

All the robots we supply boast a wide range of impressive features designed to make your life easier and your garden greener. Read on to find out how they can help you.

Saves time

Reclaim your weekends with a mower that takes care of your lawn for you.

Saves money

No more spending unnecessary money on fuel, lawn treatments, and labour.


Reduce emissions and toxic chemicals for a greener garden and a greener planet.

Innovative technology

Intelligent sensors and intuitive controls bring the future to you.

Safety you can trust

Share the garden with children and pets, and send thieves packing.

Free up your time

Let your robot mower take care of the mundane tasks. Just set the cutting height and schedule and your mower will mow without your needing to do a thing. It learns and senses the layout of your garden including any obstacles, and you don’t even have to empty the cuttings. By mowing little and often, your mower drops barely perceptible pieces of grass where it cuts, mulching your lawn and fertilising the soil so you don’t have to.

Save Money

Save your money

Stop spending up to £200 a year on fuel for your standard lawn mower. Our robot mowers cost around £1-2 a month to run (which is about the same as your washing machine, or a medium-sized TV) or up to £3/acre a month for our commercial models. That’s a saving of up to £188 a year. And even more if you previously employed a gardener to mow your lawns.

You’ll also reduce your spending on fertilisers and other lawn treatments. By cutting regularly your mower mulches your lawn which means less feeding and watering required.

Eco Friendly

Reduce your carbon footprint

Robot mowers run on powerful lithium batteries, which means less fossil fuel burned and no harmful emissions released. So you can enjoy cleaner air quality in your garden for you and your family.

Because your mower uses the tiny clippings to mulch your lawn, there’s no need to dispose of grass cuttings into landfill, therefore reducing the build-up of harmful methane gases. And because those clippings feed your lawn, you can reduce your need for fertilisers, many of which contain toxic chemicals.

What’s more – thanks to the brushless motors, your robot lawn mower is quieter than a conversation, meaning you can reduce noise pollution as well.

Get greener grass

By cutting little and often you’ll get better quality, healthier turf, with less need for fertilizer. And because robot mowers mow every day, your lawn looks its best seven days a week.

4-edged solid stainless steel blades mean a perfect cut every time. And you’re always in control of the finish with adjustable cutting height on all our mowers. Spiral cutting makes quick work of long grass, and floating cutting heads on commercial models give a uniform cut on uneven ground.


Ambrogio Robotic Lawn Mower Future

Enjoy the future today

Bringing over twenty years of robotic innovation to your back garden. Enjoy intelligent sensor technology, allowing your mower to create GPS map of your lawn, keeping record of where it has and hasn’t mowed. It won’t leave a blade uncut. You can control your mower via LED touchscreen, Bluetooth, smartphone app, or voice assistants, and combine multiple robots to mow the same large area with smart management systems. And finally, never get left behind, with software that gathers and learns from mowing data from around the world, continually updating to provide better and better mowing.

Safety you can rely on

With children and pets sharing the garden with your mower, safety is paramount. But with key safety features such as tip or lift sensors, your mower will switch off the moment its blades are lifted off the grass, reducing the risk of any accidents. Pet safety features are available to give those nervous pets a little extra space, and there’s an emergency stop button on all mowers for peace of mind. Anti-theft features keep your mower safe in your garden and tracking is available for those commercial mowers roaming extensive grounds.

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Measure the area of your lawn in 5 simple steps

You don’t need to be too specific when dropping your pins. This is simply a tool to help you identify which mower will be most suited to the size of your lawn. 

Please note, there are also other factors to take into consideration when choosing your mower, such as shape and incline, so please do get in touch if you would like any assistance in making your choice.