Domestic Gardens

Reclaim your weekend

Every hour spent mowing the lawn is less time spent with your family or enjoying your hobbies.

You want to enjoy your lawn. You want to play football with the kids, invite your friends round for a BBQ, and gaze out proudly over your well-kept garden after a long day at work.

But by the time you’ve dragged the mower from the shed, fought with it to start, drowned the neighbours with noise, negotiated the borders, pond, and trees, covered yourself in grass clippings, and wrestled it back into the shed you’ve no time or energy left to play. And that’s before you have to go back out to feed, mulch, and water it.

Like you, the average gardener spends between 3-4 hours of their week mowing the lawn. What could you do if got that time back?

Spend less time mowing your lawn and more time enjoying it.

Get the football out, fire up the BBQ, and relax. With our robotic lawn mowers not only can you have a beautiful, lush, and pristine lawn that the neighbours will envy, but you can reclaim your time and money, and spend it where it matters.

The Perfect Cut, Every Time

Automated mowing, with intelligent sensors, adjustable cutting heights, and automatic mulching gives you a better quality lawn, without the effort.

Save the Planet, Save your Money

Reduce your bills and your carbon footprint with running costs of around £1-2 a month. Plus the natural mulching feature reduces the need for water and expensive, toxic fertilisers.

Innovative Smart Technology

Effortlessly control your mower via your smartphone, whether you’re home or away. Connect to your smart speaker for updates and commands on the go.

Safety Features you can Trust

Tip-over and lifting sensors immediately stop the mower, keeping your children and pets safe. Together with anti-theft protection, you can enjoy full peace of mind.

Which robot is right for your garden?

Whether you have a compact urban oasis, or a sprawling country orchard, we have robot mowers to suit gardens of all shapes, sizes, and specification.

Use our online lawn measuring tool to see which mower is right for you. It’s simple and easy to use, and you don’t even have to step foot outside.

Need some help with the measuring process? No problem! Give us a call. We’ll take you through the measuring process, and advise you on which mower is suitable for you.

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Measure the area of your lawn in 5 simple steps

You don’t need to be too specific when dropping your pins. This is simply a tool to help you identify which mower will be most suited to the size of your lawn. 

Please note, there are also other factors to take into consideration when choosing your mower, such as shape and incline, so please do get in touch if you would like any assistance in making your choice.