Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite

Compact and reliable, for medium sized gardens

Smart Assistant

Next generation processors

Bluetooth & GSM / SIM
ZCS Connect
Keypad & LED
GPS Nav & Track

Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite

The Ambrogio Twenty 25 Elite is new for 2022 and replaces the L35. It is a compact robotic mower that has the latest in innovation.

Ambrogio have taken the design from the very popular Twenty range and supersized it to give a mower that can handle up to 1800m² (approx. 9 tennis courts) with a 25 cm blade (hence the name).

The Twenty 25 Elite robot mower is large enough for the majority of gardens. It can navigate around up to 8 connected areas in your garden allowing to mow even those difficult to get to areas.

The robot mower is only 53cms long and with a width of just 10kgs and the carrying handles makes it easy to move between areas if there is not a passageway for the mower to navigate there itself.

Having four wheels makes it more stable than 3 wheeled mowers that are available and its large, soft rear wheels gives it great grip.

Traditional robot mower design has an outer cover that moves over the base when it bumps into a object. The Twenty 25 Elite (and the larger Twenty 29 Elite & Deluxe) have a bumper at the front to register bumps as well as an inertia switch which registers when the mower quickly slows/ stops.

The open design minimises grass build up and allows the blade to be close to the outside edge of the mower reducing the amount of grass that needs to be strimmed.

Original price was: £1,949.00.Current price is: £1,699.00.

Currently Out Of Stock. Contact Us For Availability.

Add an Installation Kit

Like many of the Ambrogio mowers, this model is fully compatible with our pet protecting Amico tag. Now your four-legged friends can enjoy the garden even when the robot GPS is mowing.


Small and Compact
Rain Sensor Located On Simple Control Panel
Touch Sensitive Obstacle Bumper With Smart Charging Points
Solid Drop Edge Stainless Steel Mulching Blade
Robot in recharging base

Smaller Lawn Area

Still not sure what mower you need?


Max sq mt suggested (-20%) – 1800

Lithium battery (25.9v) – 5Ah

Motor Type – Brushless

Max allowable slope (%) – 45

Max slope (%) – 35

Slope on edge of perimeter wire (%) – 20

Average working time (hours) – 3:00

Recharge mode – Contact
Blade Type – 4 pt Star Blade

Cutting Width (cm) – 25

Cutting Height (min-max) (mm) – 25-60

Smart Cutting – ✔

Eco Mode – ✔

Rain sensor – ✔

Maximum managed Areas – 8
User Interface – Keypad & Phone

Control from Anywhere – ✔
Lifting/Tip-over sensor – ✔

Push/ Stop emergency button – ✔

Pin Code – ✔ (on app)

Tracking – ✖

Geofence – ✖
Perimeter Wire Length (m) – 0

Fixing Pegs – 20

Charging Station – ✔

Recharging Station Cover – Optional

Weight with Batteries (Kg) – 10

Robot Size (LxWxH) (mm) – 534x363x386

Sound dB(A) – 60

Level of Protection – IPx5

Wheel Profile – Rubber

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Measure the area of your lawn in 5 simple steps

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