Ambrogio Commercial Robotic Lawn Mower

Lawn maintenance without the cost

When you’re in business, time is money.

With our background in commercial business, we understand. Not only do you need to manage your lawns, but you need to manage your budgets.

Whether you’re a sports club working tirelessly to maintain an impeccable grass standard for your members, or a country estate hotel seeking to impress your guests at every turn, you need lawn maintenance you can trust.

But paying for mowing is costly. It drains your budget and is a waste of skilled labour resources. And that’s before paying out for waste disposal of grass cuttings, as well as fertiliser, and watering.

The solution to your mowing needs

Thankfully, we can help. At Cornwall Lawn Robotics we have a wide range of robotic lawn mowers suitable for large commercial grounds. 

Fully automated and adaptable to the needs of your business, our robots save you time and money. And with our full in-person consultancy service, from demonstration right through to installation and after-sales servicing, you can be sure you’re making a sound investment for your business.

Redirect your skilled labour elsewhere and stop wasting valuable resources on your mowing schedule.

Brilliant Results, Every Time

Autonomous and continual mowing, covering up to 24,000sqm quickly and quietly. Floating cutting heads on our commercial mowers achieve a uniform cut, even on uneven ground, and automatic mulching produces excellent quality, pristine turf.

Adapts to your Business

Sports club, business park, or spa hotel; large team, or solo groundskeeper, set a mowing schedule that works around your business needs and manage easily across your whole team via smartphone apps.

Reduce Costs, Increase Profits

Cheaper to run than ride-on mowers, with no fuel or waste disposal costs. Plus, spend less on lawn treatments and watering. Reduce your labour costs and free up your team to work on more valuable projects.

Hit your Sustainability Targets

Reduce your CO2 output by up to 10x, and use up to 8x less energy. Improve the quality of your grass and soil with no harmful fertilisers. And keep noise pollution at bay with super quiet machines.

Which mowers are right for my business?

Whatever kind of space you manage we have a robot mower for you. Our commercial robot lawn mowers are used by country estates, hotels, spas, and business parks, as well as some of the world’s most renowned football, rugby, and golf clubs.

They are also perfect for sites where human intervention could be dangerous, such as around reservoirs, high-voltage power stations, and solar farms.

Use our lawn measuring tool to find out which robot will suit your business best, or call us right away to speak to us in person, and book in a demonstration and survey.


Need some help with the measuring process? No problem! Give us a call. We’ll take you through the measuring process, and advise you on which mower is suitable for you.

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Measure the area of your lawn in 5 simple steps

You don’t need to be too specific when dropping your pins. This is simply a tool to help you identify which mower will be most suited to the size of your lawn. 

Please note, there are also other factors to take into consideration when choosing your mower, such as shape and incline, so please do get in touch if you would like any assistance in making your choice.